Topic: Coming up!

Oct 25, 2009!  Due to an unfortunate lack of community interest in this project, I'm going to have to shelve it, and focus on other things. 

The site will remain operational, as a webapp running as a virtual server on one of my hosts, but I'm afraid I'm not planning to take this much further until and unless someone else is willing to dive into this with me.

If you, as a developer, is interested in working on this with me (or by yourself if you prefer), I think the next most exciting and challenging project is the integration of TIMIDITY, to generate MIDI files for compilation into wavs is probably the next biggest step.  Currently, we generate an input file for Jim Jackson's SIGGEN tools and create wave files using his tones program, finally exporting wavs into mp3s via sox and lame. 

I agree with his advise that TIMIDITY integration is the most appropriate next direction for this project.  I am willing to work with you on this if you are interested.  Just let me know.

You can reach me at