Topic: Release (SVN Version 60) - Major release, Stitch queues, etc.

This is a major release - We've been at it for almost two whole weekends now.  Here's a list of the salient features in this release:

  1. Unified project and mp3 keys.  There is only one externally visible key to identify projects and their stitched MP3 files where necessary.

  2. NEW - A stitch queue.  When you submit a stitch job, your job is enqueued and submitted to one of our servers in the server farm.  Your command returns immediately with a link that will either tell you the current status of your job, or delivers the Mp3.

  3. Reformatted widths for columns in submissions page (Obviously, there is scope for improvement here.  But we've decided that the eye-candy can wait until later.)

  4. Ability to submit your project and mp3 for publication on our site (detects authorship before offering to publish)

- SI