Topic: Release (SVN Version 41) - Cool new features

Other than routine bug-fixes, this release provides the following much requested features:

  1. A Stop button.  Yay! 

  2. Ability to play and stitch selected portions only (not the whole project or track)

  3. Automatic intelligent typo correction in the back-end transparently

  4. Intelligent Octave Transitions.  When you are near an octave boundary, you don't have to explicitly mark movement into the next octave.  The system will automatically do it for you. 

  5. Going hand-in-hand with the previous feature is the new phrase marker ";" that automatically resets to the default octave no matter which octave you're at.

  6. JS is now compressed before being served.  Thanks Anand for pointing me at

  7. Inline control of Raga, Octave and Beat Length using (Raga:XXX), (Octave:NNN) and (Length:NNN) directives.  Note the sysem is backward compatible and still accepts ?raga=XXX.

  8.   MP3s encoded with ID3 tags