Topic: Release (SVN Version 21) - Major release with cool new features

We took advantage of the President's day long weekend to release much-awaited new features and long-desired functionalities for CC.

This release also includes various bug-fixes.

  1. You can now save carnatic composition projects and forward bookmarkable links to your friends

  2. Inline control of Octaves and Ragas (you can set them from within the composition windows)

  3. Considerably refactored and cleaned-up code

  4. Bug fix (Microsoft IE compatibility)

  5. Bug fix (Firefox cleared an existing track's contents when a new track was added)

  6. A Clean-Slate link allows you to clear an existing project and start over

  7. A much better tutorial-like opening screen

The next item on the agenda is to improve the sound quality and to start thinking about note embellishments (Gamakas)