I just checked - it seems copying and pasting notes from the Forums into the Track window will not play the notes in IE.  It works fine in Firefox with the latest Flash plugins, but fails miserably in IE.  The problem seems to be related to invisible Carriage Returns or Line Feeds at  the end of lines that are somehow interpreted as part of a word.  So if you ever have a comment in your notes and you end it using a */ at the very end of the line, the */ is not caught and the whole song from then on ends up being tossed.

The temporary solution to this is to insert a space at the end of each line so that no valid command is ever immediately followed by a carriage return.  Unfortunately, this means that you have to manually edit the ends of lines in parts that you copy and paste from the "Cool Melodies" section in the Forum.

Will someone please fix this issue - ought to be straightforward I think.