Topic: Release (SVN Version 53) New feature - Streams and Submissions!

The one major feature introduced this week makes it immensely easier for users to share their projects and mp3s.  Click on the Samples link ( on the main page, and you will be taken to a "live" list of recent project submissions.  Even better, every time you successfully stitch an mp3, you will be offered an opportunity to list your project on the recent submissions page.

Advancing in the product pipeline are these other much requested features (among many other issues that will take place quietly in the background without immediate visibility):

  • A tracking display that highlights the in-text note currently being played in audio

  • A stitch queue to better schedule stitch jobs that are being submitted with increasing frequency!  We will likely enqueue your stitch request and provide a URL to get an update on the status of your MP3.  At present we only have 2 servers to dedicate to stitching, but we will scale out if the demand exists - we're built for it.

  • Improve sound quality - remove the bacground clicks in particular.  We now know the cause of the problem, and will move towards addressing it.

  • Add new instruments

  • Improve harmonics and envelope for existing instruments.

  • Automatic send of stitched mp3 to mobile device (ringtone) on request

  • Ability to login and edit details of your project on the Projects list page

Of course, you're welcome to complain to us if you think any item on this list has been dormant for too long in your opinion.

Best wishes,