Topic: Credits

I will shortly move this into a page of its own, but meanwhile, better acknowledge here than nowhere I guess. 

  • Anand and Mathangi ( - Thank you for letting me host on your server.  Anand - Thanks especially for the idea, walking me through some of the intricacies of Carnatic Music, for the code that implements your raga selection algorithm and not the least for your cool mouse-over help icon! 

  • Smt. Bhagyalakshmi Rajagopal, our guru and the primary source of inspiration behind the revival of this project in the first place.

  • Scott Schiller ( - Scott, your soundmanager2 interface was really a lifesaver.  It's been with me since day 1 of this project and I can still see no really cross-browser way of getting sound to work other than soundmanger.  Also thanks for being so responsive in helping out with my questions as the project took initial shape (

  • Jim Jackson at Leeds ( Indebted to your signal generation tools, especially the tones program that too has been with us since day-1.  Thanks for answering all my potentially irrelevant questions and immensely useful advice all along.

  • Tom Hermansson Snickars ( - JS slider control

  • Alessandro Fulciniti (  Cool tooltips.

  • Mike Foster ( - Mike, Anand pointed me at your site, probably too late for me to use any of your excellent JS library, but I was able to use your JS compressor.  Thanks!