Topic: Release (SVN Version 28) - Making Mp3s, tutorial, etc.

This release (SVN version 28) comprises many more suggested features.  Highlights are:

  1. Server Side Stitching.  You can save your song as an MP3 file and have it forwarded to your phone
         to use as a ring tone.  How cool is that?

  2. An 8-step tutorial to guide you on your way to becoming a Carnatic Cat!

  3. Progress messages while the sounds are still loading so as not to confuse.

  4. Various status and progress messages updating live

  5. It's still almost completely JS driven (with a minimal amount of Flash and Php for server-side work.  Yay!

Still to come however are some high-priority things:

  1. Play a text-selection. As pointed out by one of our younger members, it makes composing a lot easier if you can simply highlight some notes and play them.  My current work around is to compose in Notepad or emacs and copy paste the relevant bits I need to test.

  2. Quick-load: There should be a facility to quick load a song, without having to sit through the note downloads.  It's absolutely possible and is next on the list of things to do.

  3. Credits - I swear I will soon get around to listing every one of the really amazing people who have helped bring this about!

- SI